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Lagom is a full service, international, consultancy offering an assortment of services and solutions in the Human Capital, Organizational Design, and Business Effectiveness fields. Every project is started with the end goal in mind and customized solutions are offered based on each client's individual needs. Services offered include, but are not limited to, analysis, solutioning, content development, training facilitation, cross-department mediation, and industry networking. Whether you are a company of one or an organization of many, Lagom is here for you. At Lagom, we are changing consulting one client at a time.

Our Mission

To provide an unparalleled client experience by beginning every project with the end in mind and delivering an individualized solution.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most innovative, efficient, and ethical consultancy in the world.

Our Focus

  • Business Effectiveness
  • Human Capital
  • Organizational Design


Find out how Lagom can help you or your organization achieve its goals.

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Our Team

The Lagom team is a diverse group of individuals with numerous years of experience across multiple industries. Our consultants have real world experiences that tie in directly with the projects they are executing for a client. Every Lagom team member shares the same passion to provide the best possible solution for our clients in a timely and ethical way. Our experience and commitment to the client is what makes us unique as a consultancy.

Areas of Expertise


Providing recommended solutions that address organizational opportunities.


Personal development and functional education through instructor-led training.

Content Development

Designing and creating policies, procedures, and other organization-wide materials.

Our Story

After years of working with consulting firms across multiple industries, we identified that all had the same flaws, putting the consultancy's interests above their clients and using inexperienced consultants on projects. The realization that the issue wasn't an isolated occurrence and that change was needed led to the formation of Lagom, an organization that redefines the way relationships are managed and maintained. The word Lagom is derived from the Old Norse words "lager om" and in modern Swedish means "enough, sufficient, balanced, just right". The origin of the word and its meaning made Lagom the obvious and only choice as our namesake. Lagom believes that the client should come first and every project should be executed with integrity. Fully understanding what the client is looking to accomplish through in-depth discovery meetings allows Lagom to provide the right solution, not the most expensive or quickest. From the first interaction, through project fulfillment and follow up, Lagom is committed to providing an unparalleled and tailored experience to each potential client. Lagom - changing consulting one client at a time.

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We will respond to all inquiries submitted via the Contact Us option within 48hrs of receipt.

Being that all solutions are customized to the client’s individual needs, there isn’t a standard price.  After a consultation and a scope of work is established, Lagom will provide a proposal that is in line and often below industry standards.

There is no cost associated with a proposal, however, in rare circumstances there maybe be a fee associated with a consult depending on client location and timing.

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